Q: What kind of events can you do?

A: So far we’ve had the booth at 5k Races, Weddings, School Dances, Graduation Parties, Teacher Appreciation Events, Birthdays, Charity Galas, Fundraising Events, Bowling parties, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, Valentines Day parties, Thanksgiving Food drives, Fourth of July Fireworks shows, Gaming Tournaments, Employee appreciation events, and more!

Q: Can the booth be outdoors?

A: It can but with limitations. The issue is heat and rain. The booth will need to be in a covered space and if the temperature rises too much it may begin to slow down. Since the booth is full of sensitive electronics, rain can damage the booth too. As long as the weather cooperates and there is adequate coverage, we can figure out a way to make it happen.

Q: What is the best photobooth for my event?

A: It really depends on what you want. There’s a lot of options out there from a 360 booth, to Magic Mirror, Booths in cars, etc. We have a convertible booth. It can be in the enclosed 5×5 tent, or open air with pipe and drape backdrop.

Q: What camera is the best for my event?

A: There’s a variety of camera options, but the most common will be a tablet or webcam, and a DSLR. DSLR will always provide a much higher quality photo regardless of how new the tablet or webcam is.

Q: Why are some booths, and others open?

A: A contained booth is easier to control all factors. You limit the number of people in a booth and you can frame the picture best for the space available in the booth. The lighting can be controlled and contained so it isn’t disruptive to the rest of the venue. The backdrops can be hung in the back of the booth and focus can be applied. An open air booth can also do these things, but you are able to adjust the space to accommodate larger groups, and the flash from studio lighting will be seen by everyone else in the venue so it could be disruptive if your booth flashes the room everytime someone uses it.

Q: What do I need to know about prints?

A: There are three printer options. Ink, laser, and Dye Sublimation. Ink is generally slower and the prints come out wet and can smear. Laser is lower quality and often can’t print on high quality photo paper. Dye Sublimation is the same technology in the 1hr photo shops and will produce the highest quality photo strips in the quickest time, and they will not smear. There are a handful of photobooth specific printers out there with very slight variations in quality/speed/cost. Unless comparing prints side by side though you probably can’t tell a difference.

Q: Does the booth I rent need to have a flash?

A: It doesn’t have to. Particularly if you want to do video or boomerangs, you’ll need a set up with extremely bright video lights or daylight. But if you are getting photostrips you’ll want to make sure the person you are renting your booth from uses a studio flash in conjunction with the photos.

Q: Can I wear a green dress/shirt?

A: If you are using a backdrop, yes. If you are using a greenscreen, no. Also make sure that the backdrop has texture. A solid black backdrop and black shirts or jackets can blend together and make it look like you are just floating heads. Our booth only uses high quality sequined backdrops for our solid color backdrops. That way any color of clothing will stand out against the background and people will be able to see where you stop and the background begins.

Q: Can my photos be private?

A: There are a variety of settings to allow or restrict sharing and viewing of photos. Short answer is you tell us if you want your guests to be able to send photos to themselves, see all photos from the event, or restrict sharing completely so only you have access to them. Be aware that once a guest takes their photostrip with them, they can do anything they want with that strip.

Q: Are you AANR friendly?

A: Yes! We have worked a number of events from weddings to bowling parties.

Q: What kind of props do you have?

A: The inventory of props has been carefully cultivated over years of experience. Unfortunately props become damaged over time and so an up to date list is not available. You will have a variety of headwear options, masks, props to hold, holiday themes, etc. If you have special requests we can arrange to have specialty/theme props for an added charge.

Q: How much space do you need?

A: At a minimum the booth can be operated in a 5×7 space plus room for patrons to wait for their turn. Props will require additional space for a 6 foot folding table. Open air booth can require even more space depending on how large of a backdrop you have and how many people you want to be able to be in each picture.

Q: What kind of power access do you need?

A: A standard power outlet is all that is required. The booth does have a lot of electronics in it, but the power draw of everything in the booth running at max is less than half of a standard home circuit, and everything in the booth does not run at max at the same time so it would be rare to have any power issues.

Q: Can we set this up and leave it open and running for an entire day?

A: Yes, the booth is automated. An attendant is standard for 4 hour parties as it helps to have someone manage the props, lines, extra prints, sharing, etc. But depending on the event or venue, the booth can be left for open use. We have been able to run the booth in an indoor, air conditioned location for over 48 hours with no issues except for the print media needs to be reloaded.

Q: Can we design our own strip template?

A: Yes, we can provide you with a strip template so you understand how the photos will be placed into the strip and how to set up the background and overlay. Advanced users are limited to only their imagination.